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We have been planting tomatoes, potatoes, and onions the last couple of weeks. The weather has been unpredictable, frost, freeze, rain, hail, and sun. Winter of Spring 09 has been interesting. We'll see what comes up!

The baby chickens are now in the gawky teen stage. The strawberry crop is not as strong as we would have liked, but we will have some strawberries at the farmer's market on April 25. Come early to buy some.

Check out the video link on our website if you want to know why it's so important to not use pesticides.



Strawberries say "night-night"

This week was a good one for the strawberries.  They said thanks for the blanket.  The row covers are in place til late winter.  The idea is to help them be warm and cozy to grow a little more.  It is a good thing too, cause it fell to 20F two nights ago. 

 The farmers' market continues to hold together well for us.  Customers are enjoying the cool weather crops and I'm glad.  Thanks for your support!!  Larry


Winding down and cranking up at the same time.

It is past time to say thank you to all who made this year possible. 

Jacque makes it happen.  Cathy makes it possible.  All our customers, Thank You!   We would not be here without you.

First it was sad to see all those tomatoes, peppers and egg plant dead,  but, at least there is the broccoli, cabbage etc.

After a week of looking at that mess, now it is inspiring me for next year.  I have gotten motivated for next year to apply what I have learned and hope to improve our methods and results.  I hope to see you there!

I'm formulating my ideas for ordering seed for '09 so, if you have any ideas let's get them applied.  Let me know what you'd like. 

Next year is coming faster than you think.  I plan on being ready.

Farming madly,  Larry

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