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Fall 2010 update

We're looking forward to our next Farm Day on Sat. Oct 23rd, 2010!

 We'll have plenty of fresh chicken available and we may have some frozen pork cuts available from our forested pork if we haven't sold it all at the Farm Market. This was the first time we have raised pigs and it was great fun. All five of them were beautiful and healthy and and we will miss them. We hope to get more piglets next spring and start the madness all over. 

 We have enjoyed being at the Front Royal Farm Market this summer. We met a lot of wonderful folks and it was great to sell birds in a more leisurely setting. Actually we decided to only sell after 3pm on our Farm Days from here on because we want to have more time to spend with our customers.  

Sadly we could not raise turkeys this fall but we will let everyone know if we can next year. The reason for this is we have heard turkey poults are very fragile for the first 6 weeks, so we would need to build another brooder house just for them. We are not in a position to do that now and we're not willing to take any chances. If you do not have a good brood for your poultry you may not know right away with immediate deaths. They will just start to drop dead weeks later when you have dumped hundreds of dollars of feed into them. This is a very costly mistake and if we are going to branch into another farm venture, we want to do it right.

Another thing we would like to get into next year is selling live layer hens. They would be ready for sale around April or May and customers could come and pick them up at the farm. Within the next few weeks they could have fresh eggs without the bother of raising them for their first 5 months.  Along with this venture we could easily get into selling eggs of our own during the year since we have had requests for them. Ahh, the possibilities.


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