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Spring is here! In the middle of the storm of the century.....

Spring is here in Michigan! That's what my free-range hens told me yesterday when I was doing chores and found a fresh, unfrozen egg outside in the boars' feed trough, of all places. I don't have my chickens in a heated coop or under lights. They start the egg laying cycle by 12+ of daylight hours a day.

You have to love animal moms. They are always optimistic, always hopeful and looking forward to the future...of their offspring...of the a scratch on the back or neck... to their favorite treat ..of the next pan of feed.. of the fresh grass....a nap in the sun and warm summer days. 

Even as I come in from the barn to mass media full of THE WORST WINTER STORM IN A CENTURY....I hope my hens are right and SPRING IS HERE!

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