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Hops, a whole new world

I have several varieties of Hops growing. They are used for brewing beer, as a sleep aid in a tea form or dried and put into a pillow as an aromatic , like aromatheropy.

My sheep are fat and happy. At least thats what I think when they jump in the air and click their heels. I'm keeping a close Eye on them, cause the first ewe is due to lamb in less than a month. I'm gathering names now. I'm thinking of naming one after my grandma, she is 92 and deserves it. But her name is Eunice. Euni. Maybe I'll let her pick the one that'll bear her name. She went with us to see Alice in wonder land.-3/d. What a gal!

My bees have made it through the winter so far...Not out of danger yet. I'm looking at 3 or 4 hives this year. Maybe get another strain also. I like my Italians, calm, even tempered, very productive. My Minn. hybrids are a little testy, and pretty goopy, lots of propolis.  Buy for now!


April ? spring

New lambs are here. Bees are going strong.  [Read More]

X-Mas suprize

Hey, Big news sold my last youngsters. Snow drop (white) and Lil' Brown were sold this week to Heather and her mom Marilyn. Marilyn got them for christmas.  I hope they love them as much as I do. They were my "bottle babies".  Always happy to see me,  met me at the gate every feeding. Followed me every where. Lil even went out the gate with me to visit the bee hive, and once into the garage and picked up and walked into the house. She is a doll.  

Now we have a little xtra space, less mouths to feed, I'm thinking again about that rare color pattern I don't have in the flock, Badger face, it is a wild-type pattern, with a dark underbelly that runs up under the chin, the face has semi- badger coloration. Well... we'll see.  I have HST pattern where the Head, sock area, and tail are white. Panda was purchased to give me some little girls like her, but so far just boys. I kept Pop-eye, neutered for ram company.  Buddy the ram tends to remodel when bored.

Pop-eye is a charming flashy dude with swirling black and white. If he was a horse you'd call him a pinto. He has scurs for horns. They keep curling down right toward his eye. Luckily they grow very slow. Will have to cut them soon. Bye for now  


Fall into Winter Plans

I was Just thinking: What alot I have to be thankful for.

   Farmwize: Just sold 2 more ewes to a Great Home, Thanks Jenny at Sheepy Hollow Shetlands.

All my honey is sold! Thanks 7-Ponds Bee Club, Well attended and experienced mentors,

I got back 2 beautiful hides (last years were lost???) A Black and A rich chocolate brown. What nice rugs they'll make. I started fleshing out the hides, waiting for the tanning kit to come in from e-bay. My arms are sore. Two hides are all I can do. Anyone want to do a hide with me next year? I'll make it happen! Just let me know.

Dogs are Glad to see the newly fallen snow. Saba& Sera, 2 Belgian Tervurens. I should show a Picture. Mayby soon?

Need hay at a resonable price. $5.00 a bale in a bit much. Happy to have what I have. Off to a slow start. Only 15 in the sheep shed.


Fall harvest

Fall: Wrap up time. The ram lambs have all gone to the packing house. All were pre-sold plus I needed an extra. So, an unsold ewe lamb had to go. I got 25-26 lbs each, we tossed in a lb of Italian spiced ground lamb. I believe every one was pleased. Specialty Shetland lamb at under $5.00 a lb.

 The free range chicken has all been comsumed. It is extra good for its  rich drippings that makes wonderful soup stock, but tends to be less greasy(slightly drier) than caged raised birds. Sold at $1.75/LB

My first year with the bees. WOW, I made it... Only one sting for 45 lbs of golden thick honey. I have sold out already. I didn't expect the demand. I was discouraged from starting the project, but over whelmed by the support for the product!! Thanks every one.

I still have some shetland fleece to sell. It has been washed and is a tan shade, with lots of luster. I will sell it for Same as raw(un-washed) $10.00 a pound. There is less than 3 pounds in the bag.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! I have two hides to process. They are frozen. I still have to buy the tanning agent or send then out for tanning at $46 A  SQ. FT. I think I'll try myself this year. A Black and a solid brown this year. Call Ig your looking for an authentic lamb rug grown and tanned in the USA. Thanks Sherry

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