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April ? spring

It's early April, yet the snow just melted off long enough for my first lambs to arrive. I have a lovely HST- ram lamb.(head, (head, socks, tail) He has a black body with a white head, 4 white socks and a white tail. But the added detail that sets off this pattern is the dark black around the eyes. What a charmer.

    4 more have arrived, all black with a little white on their heads. Dad was black, both dominate black chromomsomes. The only one hope of anything else coming. Lilly is white, she can beat the black, but she also has a recessive brown gene. So its 50/50 for each of her lambs. They'll be black or white. I'm going to keep one of hers again this year.

   6 black lambs, 4 ewes yet left.  Could be 8 more. I'm so happy each has been healthy.

The bee's have made it. My first winter. I ordered a package of Minn. hygenic bee's known to be resistent to mites. I'm expecting them  in 2 weeks. This will bring me up to 2 hives. I also plan to capture a wild bee colony that is near the house. Wish me luck.


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