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Fall harvest

Fall: Wrap up time. The ram lambs have all gone to the packing house. All were pre-sold plus I needed an extra. So, an unsold ewe lamb had to go. I got 25-26 lbs each, we tossed in a lb of Italian spiced ground lamb. I believe every one was pleased. Specialty Shetland lamb at under $5.00 a lb.

 The free range chicken has all been comsumed. It is extra good for its  rich drippings that makes wonderful soup stock, but tends to be less greasy(slightly drier) than caged raised birds. Sold at $1.75/LB

My first year with the bees. WOW, I made it... Only one sting for 45 lbs of golden thick honey. I have sold out already. I didn't expect the demand. I was discouraged from starting the project, but over whelmed by the support for the product!! Thanks every one.

I still have some shetland fleece to sell. It has been washed and is a tan shade, with lots of luster. I will sell it for Same as raw(un-washed) $10.00 a pound. There is less than 3 pounds in the bag.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! I have two hides to process. They are frozen. I still have to buy the tanning agent or send then out for tanning at $46 A  SQ. FT. I think I'll try myself this year. A Black and a solid brown this year. Call Ig your looking for an authentic lamb rug grown and tanned in the USA. Thanks Sherry

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