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X-Mas suprize

Hey, Big news sold my last youngsters. Snow drop (white) and Lil' Brown were sold this week to Heather and her mom Marilyn. Marilyn got them for christmas.  I hope they love them as much as I do. They were my "bottle babies".  Always happy to see me,  met me at the gate every feeding. Followed me every where. Lil even went out the gate with me to visit the bee hive, and once into the garage and picked up and walked into the house. She is a doll.  

Now we have a little xtra space, less mouths to feed, I'm thinking again about that rare color pattern I don't have in the flock, Badger face, it is a wild-type pattern, with a dark underbelly that runs up under the chin, the face has semi- badger coloration. Well... we'll see.  I have HST pattern where the Head, sock area, and tail are white. Panda was purchased to give me some little girls like her, but so far just boys. I kept Pop-eye, neutered for ram company.  Buddy the ram tends to remodel when bored.

Pop-eye is a charming flashy dude with swirling black and white. If he was a horse you'd call him a pinto. He has scurs for horns. They keep curling down right toward his eye. Luckily they grow very slow. Will have to cut them soon. Bye for now  

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Posted by curling on December 31, 2008 at 06:17 AM EST #

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