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Old Man Winter

I never really thought about just how hard winter is on "everyone", but since I've been a farmer, I've come to realize that  it's really hard on all the critters that live outside during the winter.  They all need extra attention this time of year; the cats, dogs, cows, chickens, horses; everything needs water, which is FROZEN this time of year.  That's a chore in itself.  For the chickens I keep two waterers; one in the shop to thaw out, and the other one to use for them to actually drink out of.   My dogs all have nice warm houses, and the cats sleep in the warm loft of the shop. 

What prompted this particular blog is that Buckshot, one of the horses on the farm, cut his foot today.  It's a pretty bad gash, and he was limping and kicking his foot.  I cleaned out a stall for him, he got doctored, and we put some nice clean sawdust in the stall for him,  and he immediately laid down when he was settled in.  I think he appreciated the dry, warm spot to be when his foot was hurt. 

His buddy Whitt is still in the pasture, with a full bale of hay, but he is hollering for his buddy every few minutes.  Horses sure are tribal.  It's funny how they fight when they are together but miss each other when separated--are they like us humans, kind of?

Winter is hard; it's a time of reflection and rest.  But, there are still chores to do and animals to care for.  Take care of any animals in your care.

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