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Gentlemen (and women) start your tillers!


Front bluff garden tilled; burning sticks from the sycamore tree
The first of 6 beds freshly tilled; twigs from sycamore cleaned up and turning to ash


NASCAR got started last month, and this month in my area of Tennessee, we farmers get started!  Yesterday was the day that the soil in the "Front Bluff Garden" was dry enough to make a ball in your fist, but fall apart when you poke it gently.  Woohoo! 

There are 6 separate garden areas on the farm, and they all have names just so I can keep records of what grew where for rotation, and also to keep records on what did well in certain beds and all that other garden stuff (bugs, weeds, etc.)

The Front Bluff Garden is the closest to the house and it's my favorite garden to work in.  I'm not sure if it's because there's a cool bluff on the back side of it, or that my herb garden sits atop a small bluff on the front side of it, or that a giant sycamore tree flanks the north end of it where I can rest in the shade and listen to all sorts of birds during  days in that garden.  This garden grows awesome lettuce and spinach, and crops such as tomatoes, garlic, peppers and green beans have been rotated in and out. 

This year, plans are to plant carrots, beets, and peas today; there are flats of spinach and lettuce in the greenhouse just waiting to be placed in the ground.  For now, I must go to the manure pile, spread manure, top with composted leaves, then till once more before the seeds "hit the dirt".  It's kind of like following a recipe in the kitchen....only much more fun.

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