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Babies on the farm

Lots of farmers will be saying this over the next few weeks "Look at the cute little chicks"!  And are they cute....little balls of fluff that make lots of noise.


I've been waking up in the middle of the night worried about them being too hot or too cold, so I've been treking the 75 or so steps in the dark to the shop to check on them.  So far, so good, but they are so dependent on someone for EVERYTHING! 

Looks like a schmorgasbord (sp?) with all the different colors, and there are 4 different varieties, all brown eggers except for 5 Amerecaunas (sp?) (blue/green eggs). 

Gee, I needed a spell checker for this blog!  Back to the garden with me now.  All this beautiful weather is killing my back :)

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