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Golden Rule of Weeding

Wild Things Farm was approved for a grant from the USDA for a high tunnel this year.  Since I've never owned or operated a high tunnel, I started researching both on the Internet and in books.  One book I purchased is written by Eliot Coleman and it's titled "The Four Season Harvest". 

I've learned a lot about gardening with high tunnels from this book, and one thing that has really stuck in my mind from that book (that has nothing to do with high tunnels) is "One year's seeding is 7 years of weeding".  This means that if you let a weed in your garden go to seed, you'll be weeding its offspring for 7 years.  That is my motto for this gardening year.  If I can't pull the weed up, I'll at least chop off its head to keep it from seeding.

That is good advice for all gardeners.

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