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How was your day?

Yesterday my son called and the first words out of his mouth were a question.  I must have sounded kind of short with him because he said "You sound like I interrupted something".  I apologized and after we hung up I realized that this time of year is so busy that I have to interrupt myself sometimes!

Anyway, things are rocking right along here in the kingdom of Wild Things.  Early mornings are always peaceful before the sound of the tractor breaks the foggy silence

This garden is called the Blackberry Garden and that's because the blackberries are planted over there.  The berries are just starting to show their tasty color and I've nibbled on a few of them....won't be long

This year cut flowers have been added to the crop menagerie at the farm.  The two trips to the farmer's market have resulted in violent thunderstorms, but the flowers are pretty so I'll keep trying




This is the first CSA season with the high tunnel.  It's really enhanced the early part of the season with snow peas and beets in the first couple of boxes, then fresh tomatoes and cucumbers in early June! 

This is one of the wierdest tomatoes I've picked.  It had folds and horns on just about every side--but it tasted yummy!

Some parts of the country are dusty dry and hot, but here at the farm it's rained almost every day.  Some folks would say well, that's good isn't it?  You're growing stuff and they need rain.  Well, it's true to some degree, but I'm worried about the tomatoes getting that dreaded blight again, I lost the only Eryngium yuccifolium in my flower bed (Rattlesnake master), the canteloupe planted in the high tunnel have drowned (groundwater level too high) and some of the green beans are hollering for help.

The weatherman says later this week hotter and drier.....I say good.

Weeding Wisdom

(random thoughts while weeding)

We call a doctor's business a practice and a lawyer's businss a practice......definitely a farmer's business should be called a practice.


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