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I have a new friend

A friend of mine incubated some of the fresh eggs from the Happy Hens and I wound up with 13 baby chicks.  One of them couldn't walk and it just kind of stumbled around the box--couldn't eat or drink.  I couldn't stand it.  Rather than letting Mother Nature take her course and allow the others to peck it to death I quarantined the baby to its own box, complete with heat lamp, and forced it to drink every couple of hours.  I don't know how to make a chicken eat, though, so the chick had to do that on its own.  After a few days of being babied, taken on road trips, and coddled, the baby started eating on its own and then started walking.  She also acquired the name "Lucky".    I put it back in with the others and everyone did fine.

Now the chicks are about 8 weeks old and I've got a new friend--her name is now Lucille and she flies into my arms (kind of scary when I'm not expecting it) when I go into the coop to feed them.  She will also fly up on my back when I'm bending over to fill their feeder (hmmmm I'm waiting to be fertilized on the back).  Here's a pic----


The rooster is a Red Star and I'm guessing her momma is a Buff Orpington.  Anyway, she's on her way to being one of the Happy Hens at Wild Things Farm!

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