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Good morning, my little chickadees

A friend loaned me an incubator to hatch a few chicken eggs, almost three weeks ago.  The eggs have been kept at a steady 101 temperature and he had told me that on July 8 I should take the eggs out of the egg turner to let the babies hatch out without getting their feet and legs tangled up in the egg container.  Well, Sunday morning I cut the tops of several egg cartons to put them in the incubator and voila!  There were two baby chicks in there :-)

When I saw that the chicken-hatching had already started I needed to go down to the chicken coop and get the utility light with the 100 watt bulb that I use for a "brood box" heater.  I went to the chicken coop, retrieved said light and headed back to the house.  I was walking along, thinking about the chickens and other happy thoughts and Hattie (the battie Catahoula) ran in front of me.  The next thing I knew I was laying on the ground, not even really sure how I got there until I saw Angus (the boxer) looking at me like I'd done something to him.  I'd rather not type the words that came out of my little mouth at this point, but Angus understood and got under the truck.  I didn't say anything else to him but I sure gave him dirty looks.

After I moved everything to make sure nothing was broken I stood up and realized that I had squashed the light and it fell apart.  After straightening the fixture out, screwing it all back together and finding a new non-CFL light bulb, I found clean shavings and a big tub to put the babies in.

Today is Tuesday and there are 12 hatchlings with one struggling to get out of its shell.  It's great fun watching them hatch and grow.  I may get my own incubator.


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