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A little more protein than I bargained for

Yesterday morning, instead of the usual yogurt, fruit, and granola, I opted for a fresh pear that I picked from a friend of a friend of a friend....well, somebody's tree, and a piece of Friendship Bread with cream cheese on top--a little indulgence to break the routine.  Okay, I was out of granola.

I lightly toasted the bread, shmeared (yes, that's "sh"meared) the cream cheese, cut up the pear and sat down to enjoy a light breakfast.  I finished the bread first, and got to the last slice of pear....took a bite.....and there was a worm pulling itself back into the center of the slice.......



See it there in the lower right hand part of the plate--I put an arrow next to it (I think it's an arrow, anyway).

I'm glad it was a whole worm.


Little Miss Muffett

I know why the spider frightened Miss Muffett away....it was probably a Black Widow.

Today was one of those "piddling" days where there are some things on the to-do list but nothing really pressing (finally!)  I had gone to the big high tunnel to remove unneeded items for the winter season and store them where they are supposed to be stored--flower pots, a stray gourd, a sprayer, and a sprayer box with attachments inside.  The box had been flattened during its abuse this summer, being tossed around out of the way of summer harvesting.

I took all the "stuff" to the shop to sort out and properly store.  I opened the sprayer box and noticed that the owner's manual brochure, warranty card, and plastic bag with spray tips were all glued inside the box with spider webs, including about 2 dozen acorns and some leaves.  I swiped it all out with my hand (bare, no less) and cleaned off the book and other items and put them away.  I had thrown the box down in the floor of the seed starting greenhouse and when I walked back out there, this is what I saw:


The spider is just to the right of the peanut butter lid.  I know it doesn't look like much here, but in real life it weighed 2 pounds!  Well, it WAS about 1-1/4" from tip-to-tip.  I was REALLY, REALLY close...can't you tell?

And I was lucky she didn't bite me while I was sweeping her house clean with my hand!

P.S.  The peanut butter jar lid is what I used to trap her while I ran to get the camera.

P.S. again.....she's a lot smaller now.


The last of the fresh tomatoes

Although I'm always ready for the intense labor of the gardening season to subside, I'm never ready for fresh tomatoes to end.  Yesterday I made a scrambled egg/pepper jack cheese sandwich with 2 slices of a very ripe, juicy, Cherokee Purple heirloom tomato.  There was a bit of it left, just begging to go.......

cherokeepurplewebsizeOh my!  I call that an "oralgasm"!


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