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Winemaking and Rainbows

This is about Week 6 of my winemaking adventure.  So far I've got Pear Wine, the first batch started, Blackberry, Strawberry, Raspberry Jam, and today a batch of Muscadine was mixed in the fermenting crock.  Everything seems to be going okay so far.......(the taste test will tell in the end).



The big carboy is the pear wine and the others are in gallon jugs.  Sometimes there is too much "must" to fit into a gallon jug so that's where the smaller bottles with balloons on them come into use.

I picked up a quart of pure Muscadine juice at the grocery store the other day so I've got that brewing in the fermenting crock in the pantry where the freezer keeps the temp just a little warmer than the house if I leave the door closed.

Now for the rainbow.....this fall has been great weather-wise; mild temps, bright sunshiny days....but the leaves just sort of turned color really quick then fell off.  A cold front moved through today which caused things like some wind, lots of clouds blowing around, and bright sunshine and rain at the same time, in the late afternoon.  You know, the perfect setup for a rainbow



I didn't notice while I was taking the picture, but it almost looks like there are two rainbows there, doesn't it?

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