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A little more protein than I bargained for

Yesterday morning, instead of the usual yogurt, fruit, and granola, I opted for a fresh pear that I picked from a friend of a friend of a friend....well, somebody's tree, and a piece of Friendship Bread with cream cheese on top--a little indulgence to break the routine.  Okay, I was out of granola.

I lightly toasted the bread, shmeared (yes, that's "sh"meared) the cream cheese, cut up the pear and sat down to enjoy a light breakfast.  I finished the bread first, and got to the last slice of pear....took a bite.....and there was a worm pulling itself back into the center of the slice.......



See it there in the lower right hand part of the plate--I put an arrow next to it (I think it's an arrow, anyway).

I'm glad it was a whole worm.

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