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Cabin Fever/Spring Fever? Help!

Wow, everything around here FINALLY thawed out after 2 weeks of frigid temps.  I've been doing as many outside chores as can be done with the volumes of mud around the farm; the blackberries are are finally mulched--all I lack is getting the wire support fencing complete.  The weatherman is predicting "warm" weather for the next couple of weeks, and during my seed inventory I thought to myself, what the heck, I've got seeds left from last year, why not?

I found myself in the greenhouse this morning with my hands in the dirt AGAIN!  My nails were just beginning to look like a woman's hands again!  I potted up 7 flats of onion seed (the scallion-type), 1 flat of Mr. Stripey tomatoes, 1 flat of Roma tomatoes, and 5 flats of assorted letttuces, oh, and 2 flats of Swiss Chard.  I drug out the heat mat and a frost blanket because I know I'm going to need it, even in the greenhouse, which I don't heat.  If it's a failure, I still win--I enjoyed a little while in my sunny, 80 degree favorite wintertime place on the farm!

Maybe, just maybe, that will take care of the fever I have, whether it be cabin or spring--at least it's not the flu :)

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