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Could I possibly be considered a hoarder?

I’ve not watched any of the new reality shows on hoarding, but once in a while I ask myself that question.  I do have hoarding tendencies for saving plastic plant pots (I do use them, really I do), plastic produce containers, egg cartons, fabric (she who dies with the most fabric wins) and, oh yes, my pantry is stuffed, along with the freezer.

The only thing that would even resemble a New Year’s resolution for me would be to not buy groceries, except for things like milk, bread, and that sort of thing until I get my pantry and freezer cleaned out some.  This morning was a great experiment in using up the rest of a box of blueberry muffin mix.  The muffin tins are, well, serving another purpose right now, so I used a tart dish (about 8? dia) to bake up this really tasty blueberry muffin-type thingee.  The recipe I used goes like this:

about 3/4 cup blueberry muffin mix (whew, that box is gone from the shelf!)

1 fresh egg from the Happy Hens (I eat the ugly ones that I don’t want to sell)

1 tsp veggie oil

about 1/2 cup of (the rest of a bag of) walnuts, finely chopped in the food processor

2 T wheat bran (I really need to be using this up more often)

a big handful of FRESH blueberries (they were on sale, okay?)

a dash of milk

I sprayed the tart dish with cooking spray then put the batter in and baked at 400 for about 30 minutes.  I topped the slice I ate with, mmmmmm, cream cheese!


This little experiment got rid of the muffin mix, a partial bag of walnuts, some of the wheat bran and some of the cream cheese that’s accumulated in the fridge.  I’ve been known to go to the grocery store, with a list, and think, “oh, I need catsup or mustard or cream cheese” so I buy it and get home just to find that I’ve already bought it.   Sometimes 2 or 3 times!  During the holidays I was making pumpkin rolls and cheese balls so I’ve got a few packages of cream cheese in the fridge.  I know some of you are guilty of that too, fess up!


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