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Farm Fresh Eggs

Although it is hard to admit when one does things worthy of being the punch line in a joke, once in a while I like to make other people feel smart by sharing these "blond" moments.

At the present time there are about four different age groups of hens in the empire of the Happy Hens; there are old hens, pullets, almost-pullets, and chicks.  That means that egg production around here is somewhat cramped right now and the loyal fans of the Happy Hens are keeping us BUSY!  Yesterday the high tunnel season sort of officially began with the first delivery of greens, root veggies and fresh eggs.  There are always more orders for eggs than are available so the orders are processed in order of how they were received.  The folks who got eggs were thrilled and the others, well, really wanted eggs.

This morning I was taking inventory of all the ingredients I needed to make the dishes I volunteered for the Thanksgiving meal this year--that would be corn (out of the garden), a sweet potato casserole (from the garden), and deviled eggs (from the Happy Hens) oh crap, I sold all the eggs.

Can you believe that I had to go to the grocery store this morning and BUY eggs?  I was hoping no one I knew would see me, and it was really difficult to choose which eggs to buy.  I know cage-free means that there's a door open somewhere that the chickens could go out IF they knew the door was there and IF there were chickens to follow out that door, and natural means, well, uh, nothing actually.

Rather than stress myself out over natural, brown, white, cage free, listen-to-music-while-they-lay...blah, I just chose organic eggs.  If you've never seen store-bought eggs (organic, nonetheless) right next to a fresh farm egg, here's a picture I took of 2 store bought eggs and 1 egg from the Happy Hens (it was cracked a little)--guess which ones are which......

The only saving grace to this whole mixup is that fresh eggs are harder to peel than store bought eggs, so the deviled eggs won't look like I peeled them with a butcher knife this year....hopefully!

Enjoy your turkey day.

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