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Healthy Holiday Snacks

OK, so this is supposed to be the "slower" season for farmers.  I still haven't figured out "slow" in what way?  Well, maybe slow in that I don't have to beat the sun up every morning--that's quite a break in itself.  The high tunnel is going great; harvesting greens about every 10 days or so.  The Happy Hens are still busy laying beautiful eggs.  Last week I went to the pen to find two of them laying lifeless in the pen and their heads were gone!  I knew that was a clue as to who did it, so I quizzed "Granny Google" and it was either a raccoon, weasel, or owl.  So, knowing the critters around here, I'd say Rocky Raccoon had chicken brains for supper one night.  No more....I found the breach in security (aka hole in the fence) so now the Happy Hens can rest easy again.  It's amazing how something like that affects egg production.

A couple of months ago I found a really cool blog of a vegetarian chef in Denmark.  I'm always looking for recipes to share with members and customers on creative ways to utilize the bounty of the farm.  Although this particular recipe has nothing to do with produce grown on the farm, it's the holidays and I thought this healthy snack fit right in.  Her website is called My New Roots and the address is http://mynewroots.blogspot.com/.  You know how you get to clicking and clicking and end up, well, in Denmark, reading interesting things.  She had a recipe for Date Balls that is really amazing.  I tweaked it of course, but not much.  She rolled hers in toasted sesame seeds, I used coconut.

2 cups chopped dates (finely chopped would work really well)

2 cups chopped walnuts (again, finely chopped)

Coconut, for coating the balls

Put the dates into a food processor and process until very finely chopped--they are really tough.  Do the same thing to the walnuts.  Mix the two together and roll into 1" balls.  Roll them in shredded coconut.  They are very sweet and tasty and no added sugar!   Note the finely chopped--I didn't chop fine enough and it made the balls hard to get to stick together.  They are delicious anyway.

Merry Christmas, everybody!


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