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How to get rid of ladybugs in the house

I've never quite had this problem before, but since I've moved into the house I've been working on for 4 years, each winter I'm accompanied by lots of ladybugs.  I mean LOTS of ladybugs.  I don't have aphids in the house, so the ladybugs aren't welcome, and they bite, too!  I believe they are coming in around the area that's been left "sideless" for a chimney.  The insulation showing is shiny foil (hey, it's still a construction project, you know).  Anyway, the bugs are attracted to shiny, light surfaces so I have a major ladybug magnet out there.  Hopefully the chimney will get built this summer :)

Back to the ladybugs........

This past winter I rigged up a long extension for  my shop vac with a piece of conduit.  It was heavy and awkward, but I could reach the two windows in the gable end of the living room (cathedral ceiling) where the bugs like to gather. 

During a brainstorming session of the problem with my boyfriend, we decided to try one of his bug zappers in the living room (although I personally detest bug zappers).  After I jumped a few times as one was being fried, I kinda got used to the noise and it's much easier to vacuum them off the floor underneath than chase them around a window with a really awkward piece of pipe.  I call

it my "redneck ladybug killer".  Thank goodness they only invade during the winter--I'm having trouble working it into the decor of the house!

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