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Life in the Country

Life in the country is somewhat different than life in the city, or even in the suburbs.  If you live in the country you have to get used to seeing, uh, well, dead things.

Theres'a perpetual spring really near the farm, called "Baker's Spout" .  It's a spring that runs under the county road that my farm is on, and someone has plumbed a pvc pipe into the spring so it is running out of a "pipe" and it runs all the time....24/7.  It's been a local "hot spot" for many, many years, and folks still gather water there for drinking.  I drank it once when I first moved out here and, um, I'm won't drink it again :-)

That makes it a favorite for local hunters to bring their fresh kill to clean under fresh running water.  Do they take the carcass, guts, and bones with them when they are through?   Nooooooo they don't.  The local dogs go shopping there quite often.  Every dog I've had since I've lived here has frequented "The Spout" for supplement to what they are fed here at the house.

Hattie is no exception.  Just a few days ago I was working over at the new high tunnel at I noticed her prancing about and was able to get a shot.......

hattiewithribcagewebShe had confiscated an entire rib cage and was carrying it about looking for a place to bury it.  Some people say "ooooh, gross"!  I say....It's life in the country  and someday she may stumble upon it and have a tasty snack to munch on :-)


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