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Photo of the day

 like those blogs that have photos of the day, and that is on my list of things to do---SOMEDAY--today's photo will be a mental vision for those who choose to read further......

Extra share boxes, row covers, farmer's market supplies, etc. are kept in the attic above the shop, accessible by a ladder and a small door.  This morning I did actually carry my camera with me to the garden, and left it on the table at the chicken house while I carried lettuce back to the house.

I realized, while at the house, that I needed two more boxes to do today's delivery so I put the ladder up on the side of the building, opened the door, crawled in the attic and started retrieving the boxes--one, two--oh well, might as well get an extra....it was really heavy for some reason.

I took the two boxes down the ladder and went back up to peek inside the heavy box and what did I see?  Not one, but TWO chicken snakes all coiled up in there.  My immediate response was "ewwwwww" and I dropped the box to the ground, ready to release the snakes outside of the building.  After I regained my senses I realized that there is a terrible mouse problem in the shop/greenhouse so I took them back up the ladder and set the box back in the attic.  I watched as they untangled and oozed out of the box into the attic.  Now I'll be even more conscious (aka paranoid) about moving things around

Get to work, my friends!PENTAX Image

Here's a picture of the shop/greenhouse.  The attic is under the rafters in the center section over the shop.  No, it's not snowing here--

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