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The Eagle Has Landed

As most CSA farmers know, we have two speeds:  summertime, full blast, and wintertime as far as gardening is concerned, stopped.  I jokingly told someone the other day that I could stay in bed all day long and no one (except my animals) would notice!  I can't do that though, and I've been occupying a lot of these wintry days quilting, building cabinets, and tie-dyeing.

My brother-in-law asked for a red white and blue shirt, so I made one with a spiral on the front and just kind of scrunched the sleeves.  My sister said that Dennis loved the eagle I put on the sleeve and I laughed and said "what eagle?"  She sent a picture:

 That's one of those "wow, how'd I do that and I know I'll never be able to do it again", but it's kinda cool that it's on a patriotic shirt!

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