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Wild Things happening all at once!

Spring is really springing in full swing this year.  It seems like everything is blooming at once, although I know it's not.  I took a break from the rigors of springtime gardening to "smell the flowers" and I took my camera.  This is part of what I saw on the farm.....

The really cool bluff behind the house is alive with flowers....

As I was walking along the pathway along the backyard, I noticed a Trout Lily in bloom.  They are so cute....

The woods are literally carpeted with these tiny ephemerals (they come up, bloom, and go away before the leaves get on the trees).  Another beautiful ephemeral is the Virginia Bluebell. 

The native plant nursery I owned for several years was about 15 miles from the farm where I am now.  I had a Bluebell plant that I nurtured for several years, so when I left that place I naturally wanted to take a few of my favorite plants, so the Virginia Bluebell was on the list.  I carefully dug up the roots and replanted them in the woods behind where the house was to be built.  Needless to say, I was totally in shock when the next spring revealed the entire hillside behind the house cloaked in Virginia Bluebells!  I still know where the one I transplanted is though.....


There are also Redbuds in bloom, Columbine, Toothwort, Hepatica.... and on and on.  I love spring!

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