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I just learned a new word

Now that the farm CSA memberships are all filled, I needed to go into the website to change the wording"there are still a few memberships available".  I went to the web hosting site, JustHost (which I love), and attempted to find the software that I used to both create the website and that I use it to edit the website--GONE--GONE--oh my gosh, what do I do now?  For a middle-aged, still-remember-learning computers when you had to type "c: blah, blah", this newer techno-stuff gets over my head quickly.  Sure I can get it done eventually, but it's easy to spend many hours that I'll never get back trying to make it work.

So, I e-mailed the technical support dept. and got a reply--"that software is deprecated"--Huh?  what's that?  A quick search online revealed that "deprecated" means something like it's tolerated but not recommended, or we don't like it anymore.  That means that in THE BUSIEST TIME OF THE YEAR I have to come up with a new website OR just keep telling folks that the website is lying and I can't stop it :-)

I think I'll go pull some weeds to calm down.

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