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Winter Projects Underway

The summer season is way too busy to work on house-building projects, so each winter there's a list of things to do during the funky weather.  One of the projects is flooring. 

A friend of a friend had oak tongue and groove flooring left over from a project and he wanted it out of his storage so I was so kind to take it off his hands :)  I measured and calculated and "oh my goodness" it was enough to do the bedroom and maybe the closet.  He even loaned me the nailer and gave me nails. 

I've helped on two hardwood flooring projects, did the upstairs floor out of 2x6 pine on my own, but never have I had to actually hit that monster nailer thingee by myself.  I got the first two rows down by drilling and nailing with finish nails and then it was time to drag out the yellow monster (nailer thingee that is). 

After about 15 rows of boards I've gotten just a teeny bit better.  I'm still having to pull nails out that didn't go in far enough and drive others in all the way with a hammer and a nail set.  I hate to admit it, but these manual floor nailers are a guy tool.  I'll get through the floor but I'm not calling for an inspector!


After the nailer from you-know-where comes the floor sanders from you-know-where.  I think I'll ask for help with them.  Stay warm!

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