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A Tale of two Kitties

This past year has been a banner year for the rodent population.  Both in the small seed-starting (aka "flower house";) and around the Empire of the Happy Hens.  I corralled one into Hattie's pathway the other day and I give her credit for the "kill".....but I'm not always around to find them for her :-)

hattieandfreshkillwebSo, I put the word out that I was looking for a couple of cats, actually kittens, to help keep the rodents under control.  I know, I know, domestic cats are going to take over the world, but I'll let them start their war here on the farm.  My boyfriend came by one afternoon and asked me if I had seen that little kitten up at the mailbox.  I told him no, and as soon as he left I went up there and looked around--nothing.  My neighbor did pull up while I was walking around up at the road so I went over to visit with him for a little while since it had been a long time since we chatted.

I told him I was looking for a kitten and he said he'd bring it to me if he saw it later.  About 30 minutes after I got home he came carrying up two tiny kittens--one a smoky grey and the other one the proverbial black and grey striped cat, both females.

smokeyinhoneysucklewebbanditonhandrailwebWell, they played and pooped around (mostly on the porch uggh!) for about three weeks and one day I was backing my car out and, well, Smoky is gone.  Bandit was lonely.  I went to the flea market the next Saturday and one of the first things I saw was a cage with two gorgeous grey "Smoky" colored kittens with a sign that said "Free Kittens".  They were friendly, so I took one of them home.


First greetings with everyone didn't go so smoothly.  I decided to call her Smoky because Smoky and Bandit go together and she is the perfect color.  Anyway, when I put her down on the porch, Bandit and Smoky both said "Hhhhhhhhhi" to each other, in a gutteral sort of way, and Smoky hid under a pile of rhododendron on the back porch for about 2 weeks.  I had just gotten Bandit to go poop in the yard, and here we go again.  Smokey started pooping in the sawdust pile underneath the table saw in my makeshift wood working area on the back porch.  She has since started going out in the yard.

Ever so slowly she began to come out for longer periods of time.....until this morning I saw this out the front door.....

nursingkittieswebsizeOMG (that's oh my gosh)!  Lucy is letting BOTH kittens nurse--she's not had puppies in years!

Well, I guess the kitties are welcome in doggie world.





Dogs are the funniest people.......

Late this afternoon--make that "greatly sunny" afternoon I took a break in a porch swing on the west side of the house.  The 4 resident dogs decided to join me.  Me, Hattie and Reuben (the Catahoulas), Angus (the Boxer) and Cooper (the Bad-Haired Terrier) were soaking up some rays when Angus noticed a ball of stuffing (from a comforter someone shredded earlier this winter) about 3 feet from the edge of the porch.  There was a dead leaf barely caught in it so the leaf was waving back and forth in the breeze.  Angus stared at it, cocking his head from side to side when he suddenly decided to attack it. 

His jump sent the whole pack into "attack mode" and everyone jumped up and over the porch rail (it's only about a foot off the ground) and tumbled over each other because Angus was right there tending to the polyester invader.  I had to chuckle. 

Little episodes like this around the farm are better than buying tickets to a movie :)


All Cooped Up

Yesterday my friend Kim came over to help me install handrails on the house porches.  After we had been working for a while I noticed that only 3 dogs were around (I have 4).  Reuben, the catahoula, was no where to be seen.  I called several times, but still no Reuben, which is quite unusual.  About that time I noticed Angus, the boxer, racing around the shop toward where the chicken tractor was parked.  I ran over there to see a chicken flapping around the field, my really old Great Dane Buck, with a rare surge of energy, chasing the chicken, and Angus was double-teaming with Buck for fresh chicken for dinner.  That wasn't my plan for the bird, she just started laying eggs!

I was able to scream, stomp, and flail my arms enough to scare the dogs away. I scooped up the trembling chicken and headed back to the coop.  Inside the coop was Reuben.  His ears were down and his tail was way between his legs.  He was terrified of the roosters in there and he wanted OUT.  I had fed the chickens some bread earlier and Reuben decided he wanted to try some. 

After coaxing the very skittish pup out of the chicken coop, and securing the wire where he had gotten into the coop, my friend Kim shouted "Hey, an egg!"  That makes 4 eggs so far! 

 Each day on a farm is an adventure, and I wouldn't trade it for any other lifestyle.

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