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Groundhog Day

Sunday mornings are usually spent in the depths of Pinterest but this morning, after I got through with my chores at the chicken coop, I was wondering if the groundhog saw his shadow--I'm not superstitious, just curious :-)

Well, he did see his shadow, and I saw something on the website that mentioned Candlemas.  Okay, "google, what is candlemas"--it was a Christian tradition to bring all the candles that were to be used in the church during the year into the building and bless them.

ALSO, February 2 marks the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Solstice.  Farmers are supposed to have half their corn and half their hay left at this point in the season.  

ALSO, February 2 is celebrated as the day that Jesus was taken to the temple and offered to God (abbreviated version).

An excellent explanation of all these different celebrations of such a strangely named holiday are on the website:


Who would have thought?  By the way, the resident groundhog at Wild Things Farm DID NOT see his shadow today :-)

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