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Sweet Potato and Kale Fritters----YUM!

Okay, I'm getting a little creative in my attempts to consume green leafies every day.  Most days I resort to munching on kale while I'm harvesting it--which is probably my favorite way to eat it.  The CSA season is winding down, and  the regular season ended last week, but I'm filling a few vacation makeup boxes this week and next, BUT I can actually relax a little.  Well, almost.

The large high tunnel has been stripped of its summer cover crops of beans and lettuce, kale, chard, arugula and braising mix have been planted and are being coddled along with sprinklers every day.  The small high tunnel is in the midst of seasonal turmoil with a perfectly healthy tomato crop being removed--it's so hard to do that--lots of composted leaves and chicken manure thrown down, and spinach being planted in for the upcoming winter crop.  I'm going to try a little cress this year as well--haven't grown that before.

Back to the regularly scheduled program---Sweet Potato and Kale Fritters.  Feeling a lot hungry and a little creative, I grabbed a half dozen of the skinny, not-saleable sweet potatoes and grated them on the grater


I probably ended up with 1/2 to 3/4 cup of potatoes grated.

Then I took a large handful of washed kale and chopped it sort of finely


I'd say there was about a cup of chopped kale.

Of course anything like this needs onion and garlic and since it was after 8:00 pm, I used minced dried onion and garlic powder.  To stick it all together I grabbed a fresh egg from the happy hens and a heaping spoonful of flour.  Quick mix with a spoon, and


a nice sticky mixture to make fritters with.  I put a glog of olive oil in one of my trusty cast iron pans, heated it for a few minutes, then put in a small handful of mixture.  Let it brown on one side and give them a flip.  I did turn the heat down just a little so they would cook through before browning too much......


All I can say is YUM!  I ate the two smaller ones along with fresh sweet corn, sauteed summer squash and a big yellow Mr. Stripey tomato.  It doesn't get much better than that :-)


Another great raw kale salad

It's been a few days since I've taken time to post any news....rain, rain, rain.  We've already had as much rain as we usually do in an entire year.  That means several crops have drowned, weeds are thriving, and us farmers are busy trying to salvage the season.

One crop that has been a staple in the CSA boxes so far has been kale, and it has been really yummy.  I've tried cooking it several different ways and it's okay, but I personally prefer it raw (if it's young).  Tonight was another late night and I was craving something fresh and green, so I harvested a big handful of kale.  After rinsing it,  pulling out the stems and tearing it into bite sized pieces, I went scrounging in the kitchen.  

In the fridge there was some rice left from a night or so ago, and I had cilantro, tomato, onion, added some garlic scapes that were in the fridge as well, some roasted garlic cloves, a couple spoonfuls of corn relish, a handful of pickled pepper rings, and a can of black beans.   I splashed some extra-extra virgin olive oil (unfiltered) and a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar.  I tossed it all together and YUM!  Yet another tasty way to eat kale RAW!

I got a new camera and it has a setting on it called "food".  This is what "kale kitchen sink" salad looks like on my new camera setting "food"......



I also rescued two kittens from the road today but that will be another post--- :-)


Kale Pesto

Years ago I remember finding a recipe for fresh pesto--using basil.  I made it and served it as a side dish for supper--the kids were small and both they and their father tasted it and said "YUK".  How did I know it was supposed to be spread on bread or served with pasta?

Last week one of the farm members asked if there was kale in the box when she picked her share up.  I told her yes, and then asked if she didn't want it.  (there's lot of greens early in the year)...she said "oh yes, I do want it.  A friend was telling me about a kale pesto that she made".

Kale pesto, hmmmmm.  I can't stand the texture of cooked greens so any way to get them in a palatable condition, raw, is interesting to me.  Plus, all the vitamins and minerals stay intact when a veggie is raw.  I perused the myriad of recipe sites on the net and came up with one that I thought I could work with, as I never have all the ingredients in a recipe "on-the-fly".  Here's the link to the original recipe:


First off I have one of those really small food processors so I had to really cram the leaves in there.  3 cups of kale were added instead of 5, and just about 1/2 cup basil leaves.  A generous handful of walnuts and 5 cloves of garlic were added to the mix.  Once all that started moving around in the processor, I drizzled in some unfiltered olive oil until it was the consistency to spread then added salt to taste.

The pesto was spread on cornbread fritters that accompanied a bowl of small red beans with sweet pepper relish on the side.


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