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Winter is hanging on

Okay, so March 20 was officially the first day of Spring. There were a few days of nice, sunny, spring-like weather BUT winter has not quite let go yet. With nighttime temps at 24 degrees last night, about the same tonight and even colder tomorrow night, I'm sure getting a workout with the row covers and high tunnels in this sort of weather.

Today I transplanted 5 flats of Broccoli Raab into individual cells for replanting outside, really soon!

broccoliraabwebthe chives outside the high tunnel are happy, happy....


One of the projects on the wintertime funky weather list was to install a dry creek bed at the back of the house to drain the roof (no gutters yet) and a spring that is under the house.  Here's a start....


It will evolve over the course of the season, but at least the landscape fabric is down and the outline of rocks is in place.

I've been planting comfrey around the farm for the bees and the mulch.  Comfrey is a perennial that will produce lots of organic matter over the course of a season.  Several plants were planted in the orchard and at various places around the farm....


Two weeks ago a new puppy arrived at the farm.  His name is "Blue".  His father is a Cur dog and his mother is a Catahoula.  I call him a "Curtahoula".  It's been awhile since a new puppy was here at the farm, and it is a constant battle to teach them not to kill chickens, cats, and not poop on the porch.  So far he hasn't threatened a chicken, hasn't caught a cat, but, hmmmm, has pooped on the porch several times...



In this photo he is really fascinated by a bunch of acorns he found on the ground--I could not get him to look at the camera.  He's a good dog so far :-)

I dug a clump of daffodils from my Nanny's house in Newport about 25 years ago, and moved them to my place in Lenoir City.  After that they moved to Crossville, to Crab Orchard, then to Wild Things Farm.  In spite of being relocated several times, they still remind me of my Nanny and I smile when they bloom.



In the photo below you'll see the "Front Bluff" gardens planted in Swiss Chard, lettuce, kale, onions, mixed greens, and spinach---all covered up with row cover.  Maybe I can fool Mother Nature long enough to get a few things under way a little early!

The area nearest the camera is the newly established berry bed.  I killed the grass in this area last year, mulched with chicken manure, and will mulch with leaves before the raspberries, tayberries, blackberries, and hazelnuts are planted.


backyardberrypatchwebI'll go throw another log on the fire and dream of warmer days......



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