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Why George Washington cut down the cherry tree

A few days ago I was performing weed control behind the high tunnel (aka mowing with the tractor).  A creek runs along behind the high tunnel and while backing the mower out over the edge of the creek to reduce the area of snake habitat, I spied several cherry trees that had lots of bright red, voluptuous cherries on them.....




So tempting.....so, so, over the creek!



I did temporarily lose my sanity and turn the tractor around to see just how close the bucket would get to the tree, BUT I regained my sanity when I compared the cost of a broken bone or wrecked tractor to the cost of a container of fresh cherries in the store.  The birds are enjoying a cherry feast.

I believe George just cut the darned thing down and ate the cherries himself.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Frantic Mama

This morning on the way to the garden I heard an unusual amount of tiny chirping noises that seemed like they were coming from all around.  I looked down and almost stepped on this:


Teeny tiny baby bird just out of the nest


It startled me because a couple of weeks ago Oliver the cat found a copperhead in that same area, and yesterday I stepped on some sort of snake that I never could see but it still gave me the willies. 

I looked around for mama bird and there she was up in the tree fussing away at me.  Too bad she doesn't have arms to carry her baby away to safety.

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