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Tomatoes in our garden

Good morning, everyone!!  I pray that the others in our great nation will have the glorious weather that we are having here this week!!

Everyone know there is so much difference between north Louisiana and South Louisiana, even the climate is drastically different.  I have always been envious when I go to Lafayette, LA and see, what I consider, house plants growing huge in the flower beds there.  I really realize the difference, when, my husband's cousin tells us he is having his first new potatoes from his garden.  Tomatoes plants there have been planted for months, south of New Orleans where they live (The "East Bank" they call it).

Here, in N.W. Louisiana, our plants have been the ground less than two months, but are doing great.  After the five pick up truck loads of mulch and compost, I certainly would be devastated if they were not!!  I can't wait for the first Seedless Tomatoes, so I can report how they taste and how resistant they are to all of the various problems we all have with the plants.

Please keep our workers and the people that live down here in your prayers because of the oil spill.

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is!!

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