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Purple Martins and their family!!

Today I took more time for fun, and to me that is watching the Purple Martins.  They are very busy feeding their young and before long they will be teaching them to fly......then before it gets too terribly hot they will be gone.

It is already in the mid 90's here, so they need to hurry up....hotter earlier this year it seems.  With our humidity, the heat seems worse.  When we go to Phoenix to visit our daughter, it does not seem as hot due to the lack of humidity.  I know why she loves the "big sky country"!!

I want to share a picture of one mother Martin feeding her baby and another atop the wire on guard.  They were diving at me the whole time trying to keep their young safe.  Didn't mind me as long as I did not move though.

Well, that didn't work getting the picture into my blog, so I will do some more checking into putting picture here and post it in an upcoming entry.

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is....

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