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Bees, Woodpeckers and Figs in my garden!!

Well, this morning there is an addition to my fig picking friends!!  Up until today I have been enjoying my fig picking time being shared with the Woodpeckers.  This morning I learned I will have to get up really early to try and beat the bees, honey and bumble bees.  The figs are so sweet, they are covering those on the high part of the tree.  I am safe as long as I keep the lower part picked though.

I am always happy to see the bees though, with all of the talk about the wrong kind coming to Louisiana.  Here at Rocky Mount the Lord is still sending the Honey Bees to our gardens!!  It does make me pick more carefully, as the bees are really sharing with me.  It was interesting when I noticed there were none on a new smaller fig tree that is bearing for the first time this year.  There were not bees on it.  I tasted a couple of the ripe ones and found out why, they were not sweet, guess I am going to have to scrape some of the floor from the barn and put it around that tree too.

Since the Bees are sharing, I will be able to have plenty for the fig preserves this year!!  Working on many of them now.

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is...

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