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Our Gardens and Orchards

What a joy it is harvesting our figs.  One of our trees is huge now and keeps getting bigger.  Backing up to the barn it has so much nourishment the cows left on the floor.  It is the healthiest Fig tree I have ever seen.  

Being so huge, I have to get on the barn and climb ladders to reach many areas, and go under the limbs to reach other areas.  This also allows us to leave certain areas for the birds.  I love it being just the woodpeckers and me in the tree!!  Those woodpeckers talk up a storm, like they are fussing at me for taking their food, and other times, it seems they are laughing at me!!! 

Whatever the birds and I are saying or doing, the "tree" still brings a bounty for both man and the creatures of nature!! 

And now it is time to get to work on those Fig Preserves!!

for now, the Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is...

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