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Purple Martins and more Scouts

This is such an exciting time of year!!!! I have been outside watching another Purple Martin Scout!!  I saw two last week, and today one is so patiently sailing above in the sky.  Fortunately I can see for miles from up here on top of Rocky Mount.

The "Old Timers" used to say Rocky Mount is the second highest place in Louisiana, used to be the highest until someone scrapped two feet off!! 

Have you hear the Whippoorwills yet?  Man, this "spell check" is absolutely fabulous!!  It knows the right way to spell Whippoorwills!!!  I thought I was going to have to do an internet search to find out the correct spelling.....

Anyway, back to Whippoorwills.  They love these piney hills and this cool weather.

A friend of my husbands was just here telling me about someone he knew that never had weeds in his garden area.  He had his chicken coup in one spot, and when it was time to plant, he would move the chickens over and plant his garden where they had been.  He said he never had weeds because of the chickens.  Then he would move the coup back when the garden was through, the chickens kept the ground clean.....I just thought it was a great idea!!

Have to get back outside and watch what is going on, not accomplishing much, am I, but love the Martins!!

For now,

The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is......

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