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Purple Martins Arrival

We have still not seen any Purple Martins here at our home at Rocky Mount. I can remember many days over the years walking the lane wondering when they would arrive. It is always a waiting game for me!!

I can remember one year, I didn’t think they were going to nest here again because it was so late in the season. In mid May, there was a horrible storm and right after that storm ALL of our houses were full. I wondered if their home had been destroyed by the storm and they had to move. I will never know. So, as you see, you should not give up.

I have heard for new homes, it may take up to five years to attract the Martins.

I have been outside a lot lately, especially, watching, and listing for the Martins. I usually hear them, as opposed to seeing them. You never forget their sounds, all it takes is one of their sounds and you start watching the sky.

I have to remember to check with my neighbordown the road, he doesn’t have his gourd Martin Houses up yet. He has the boxes, but not the gourds up yet. He was so excited about the gourd bird houses the last few years. I guess we notice even small changes with our neighbors!!

Tomorrow, I will get back to the gourd crafting some to keep it a bit more interesting!!

For now,

The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is....

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