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Who Dat Nation and Oil Spill

I don't know if any of you follow the National Geographic News, but they have so much of interest to us all.  They have just reported today, the Deep Water Oil Spill by BP is not only killing the rest of Louisiana's Wet Lands, which are so precious to us all, it will leave the pipe lines exposed and cause even more danger.  Evidently the Marshes provide protection to the Pipelines that are laid on the coast lines, not only from the weather, sun, and other elements that cause damage, but also ships!!! If you would like to read more news from the National Geographic News the link is:

 I hope you DO get distracted by all of the wonderful research and discoveries they have on this web page!!

My next post will go to a more "joyous" subject.....we all need more joy in our lives and must not focus on the dismal, except in our prayers!!!

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is!!


Who Dat Nation and Oil Spill

I thought some of you may be interested in the Teletown Hall meeting that the National Wildlife Federation is having to inform people about the possible damage to wildlife and how people can help deal with the Gulf Oil Spill.  The following if information from the National Wildlife Federation.  They also have a Facebook page.

Teletown Hall on the BP Oil Spill

Impacts to Wildlife and How You Can Help

Join us this Thursday, May 27th at 8pm EST for a 30-minute Teletown Hall on BP oil spill's impacts to wildlife and how you can make a difference.

RSVP by Wednesday at noon (EDT) and we will call you as the conference is starting on Thursday.

Experts from the National Wildlife Federation will give first-hand accounts of the damage and the latest news on one of the worst environmental disasters in our nation's history.

Join the call to get your questions answered. 

The catastrophic oil spill threatens the health of coastal habitats and the survival of wildlife in the short term and the long term. 

We must raise awareness about the impacts to wildlife, support efforts to hold oil companies accountable and rally lawmakers to act by passing policies that will protect our environment and give us safer energy choices.

Find out what you can do by joining our Teletown Hall this Thursday.

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana that is.....


Who Dat Nation and Oil Spill

Yeah!!!  Our Governor is finally calling out the Corp of Engineers to work

to protect our coast.....just a bite late though!!   Not waiting for permission...

just doing it!!

Be watching the New Orleans area for the black t-shirts and the funerals they are getting ready for, our coasts!!

The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is!!


Who Dat Nation and Oil Spill

If you would like to read some interesting facts, and true you should read the National Geographic News Blog Pages. A Oceanic Scientist has testified to a before the Congressional Committee over the investigation that not only is the oil spill going to affect the Gulf Coast, but it is going to have an effect on the whole world. 

The element they have been spraying to breakdown the oil is just as bad, if not worse than the oil to the wildlife.  Man is not supposed to inject the product, so what is it going to do to the wildlife and plant life in the Gulf and farther away areas that it is going to infiltrate.  It takes the oxygen from the water, plant and animal life cannot live without the oxygen.

 If you are interested in more information, please go to the National Geographic News and see more information and some of the best photos yet of the oil sludge meeting the marsh lands.  BP did not stop National Geographic from entering.  They may have stopped the news media, but not National Geographic.

Many people are staying in close contact with they Senators and other representatives by emailing, writing or calling....and yes, they are responding.  They did to my email.  Many people in Louisiana "Dirty Cajuns" are taking to the beach in unorganized clean-up to get ready for the sludge before it hits.

 For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is


Who Dat Nation and Oil Spill

For those of you interested, there is another Facebook page set up for volunteer opportunities and other information concerning the Gulf Oil Spill. When logged in to your Facebook page you can do a search for "Dirty Cajuns" and it will take you to the page. It is called "Dirty Cajuns" because Cajuns are going to have to get dirty to help get this cleaned up and save our wetlands, God creatures, our homes, livelihood and possibly our culture!!

For now, the Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is!!


Who Dat Nation and Oil Spill

If anyone is interested in factual information about the Louisiana Offshore Oil Spill, there has been a page set up on Facebook. Just do a search for Louisiana Offshore Oil Spill when logged in on Facebook.

The page contains opportunities for volunteer work all over the Gulf Coast as well as job openings to work with the oil spill clean up.

This is devastating to our whole nation.  I hope our Government puts more safeguards in for the oil corporations to stand up to.  The spill may totally destroy the wetlands that provide a buffer from the effects of hurricanes, at least that which is left and not already destroyed by the oil corporations.

I have already read of volunteer opportunities in Alabama for helping with the wildlife!!

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is!!

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