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Deer In My Garden

I have read about many deer repellent and tried a few, the most cost effective, until now, is the garlic and egg mixture.

 I say, until now, I had not heard of what a family in my church has come up with.  The father and son sleep in their garden to keep guard over it and keep the deer out.

Just imagine what a fun activity one could turn this into, actually camping out under the stars in your garden. 

This I know will work, and is the most cost effective, depending on the mosquito population, and how heavy one sleeps.

I can only imagine the conversations that a father and son could come up with, especially, if they're Faith is as strong as I know these two people are.  Looking at the stars and actually thinking and seeing what our creator has done for us!!  What a time for a father and son, could not be get any better.

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is...


Tomatoes in our garden

We suddenly realized the May-haws are ready!!  Time to "get with it" for that wonderful fresh May-haw jelly......

It seems there are so many things going on this time of year, one tends to forget what was pending from a day or two the egg and garlic deer repellent that I mixed up two days ago and left in the greenhouse!!  I know it was supposed to set a couple of days, but with the heat, it should be good and ready.  Think I will "stand back" when I open the lid on the container.  It does not appear to be fermenting and bubbling, yet?? 

This should definitely repel something/someone, maybe me.

We have the Scare Eye motion activated sprinkler out, so, hopefully the deer have not been snacking on the gourd foliage or the squash, but to make sure, I am spraying, if I can stand it, the mixture!!  Time to get out the cheese cloth and strainer so I can spray!!

 Will keep you updated on how it works.

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is!


Tomatoes in our garden

While spreading more compost today on our various crops, I noticed the deer have been in the field again!! Time for drastic measures........I check the electric fence, and discovered it is not working. It took a little while for me to get up the courage to touch it, not knowing what to expect? I am not only getting out the Scare Eye Motion Activated Sprinkler, but mixing up that horrible combination of eggs and garlic to spray. That should do it,  with the addition of the terrible cologne and deodorant that someone gave my husband. Spraying it on strips of clothes and pinning them around our crop.

I have also learned these past few weeks to NOT be angry when we do not get any rain. We were spared the violent storms and tornadoes just north of us in Arkansas, Okla., Kansas, Texas and Tenn. I decided, after seeing the devastation,  that our Lord gave us a water hose for a reason. I just need to put out the drip system earlier this year!! "Thank you Lord for the water hose"!!

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is!!


Tomatoes in our garden

Good morning, everyone!!  I pray that the others in our great nation will have the glorious weather that we are having here this week!!

Everyone know there is so much difference between north Louisiana and South Louisiana, even the climate is drastically different.  I have always been envious when I go to Lafayette, LA and see, what I consider, house plants growing huge in the flower beds there.  I really realize the difference, when, my husband's cousin tells us he is having his first new potatoes from his garden.  Tomatoes plants there have been planted for months, south of New Orleans where they live (The "East Bank" they call it).

Here, in N.W. Louisiana, our plants have been the ground less than two months, but are doing great.  After the five pick up truck loads of mulch and compost, I certainly would be devastated if they were not!!  I can't wait for the first Seedless Tomatoes, so I can report how they taste and how resistant they are to all of the various problems we all have with the plants.

Please keep our workers and the people that live down here in your prayers because of the oil spill.

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is!!


Tomatoes in our garden

Just an update on how the composting and mulching is going!! After three days for pitch forking and shoveling compost...I was telling myself I was doing "weight bearing exercises" and this was good for me. That worked for quite a while, then came the "I don't want to do this anymore" thoughts.  I found I just needed some rest.  After a day in town, I was ready to get back with it.

Now we are through, almost, and five loads later, I still could use at least one more load and can actually think about the possibility.  It is wonderful to pile compost and mulching around those potato plants as they grow up and I plan to do the same when the tomatoes get larger, just can't wait. 

The weather has to get more stable and warm, but I know that will come with time, and all too soon.  Just can't be pleased.

For now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is!


Tomatoes in our garden

I wanted to share with anyone interested what I have found to stop the invasion of spider mites on my tomato plants.

 For years I have been plagued with spider mites on my tomato crop, until one year I did some heavy composting.  That was the only year, out of  25 or more that my tomato plants have not been wiped out by spider mites.

 It was a "school of thought" that spider mites only invaded where the humidity was low....well, living in Louisiana, is it possible to have low humidity?  No, of course.  It was not the lack of humidity, it was the lack of ground moisture that was effecting the plants.  I put the barrier cloth down and then the heavy compost everywhere.  It blocked the weed growth, as well as kept the moisture in the soil!!!  NO spider mites that year.

I have talked myself into it again this year.  It has taken over a week, but it will be worth the work.

If you can get a tree service company to dump piles of the chopped up leaves and limbs, this will eventually turn to compost.  Just leave the pile for a couple of years.  Even if you use it before it composts, it is great mulch in the garden area.  Maybe not around the house, but in the garden, it is great!!

Again, for now, The Gourd Lady of Rocky Mount, Louisiana, that is


Tomatoes in our garden

I am so excited!! Our Seedless Tomato Plants have finally arrived. I have started seedlings in the greenhouse, but they are not growing as fast as I would like!! The Seedless Tomatoes will be such a blessing to my husband this year. When he over indulges, hopefully, he will not have the stomach problems as in the past. Will keep this updated on the progress of the new plants.
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