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Time to wrap up for winter

Well as I looked out the window yesterday and saw the snow falling I began to go through the check list in my head.  How many hoses are still out there, do I have enough tank heaters to go around, are all the windows in place?  Most all of the things I need for winter shut down are already in place because winter can sneak up on you if you're not careful.  There's nothing worse than trying to thaw out water hydrants that were left on too long!  Most of the animals although don't seem to mind the cold and snow.  The goats will come running if they feel the slightest sprinkle, I guess they have some cat in them when it comes to getting wet. Others fare much better.  We have a litter of Tamworth pigs that are only a couple of weeks old that are still inside under the watchful eye of their mother and the heat lamp.  We look forward to them getting outside soon.  If you want to see something very comical watch young pigs playing in the snow, they're worse than kids!  They start running and sliding, although not on purpose I bet, they root through the snow to find pumpkin or squash that's been tossed in there for them, then they high tail it, which is tough for an animal with such a short tail, back to the barn and burrow in for awhile only to go do it all over again later.  The sheep don't seem to care one way or the other as long as the hay rack is full, life is good!  Our Laying Hens and Rabbits spend their winter in our hoop house so winter doesn't bother them too much, once again keep food and water in front of them and they're happy.  So I guess let winter come we're ready and let's look forward to spring and all the new things that it will bring.
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