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Go Grassfed...Trust me!

I just read a fantastic cookbook (yes, I do read cookbooks for fun! not just cook with them) called "Tender Grassfed Meat" by Stanley A. Fishman. I have learned so much from this book that I wanted to share it with y'all. In a nutshell, a few tips I got from this book: Use unfiltered extra virgin olive oil for marinatating, never use any kind of wine, vinegar, or salt to marinade grassfed beef, cook on medium heat, and pretty much forget just about everything you know about cooking factory beef.

The reason I got this book in the first place: While at my "signs for grass fed beef, not pretty vegetable filled" booth at Farmers' Markets people are always asking me... "how do I cook grassfed beef?" Does it taste different than "regular" beef?" "what is the texture like" "do I need to marinate this cut?"...So, during these winter months I figured I would learn a thing or two about cooking grassfed meats. I have cooked a lot of grass fed beef over the last 3 years; However, I never could quit find the words to describe the difference between cooking (eating/tasting) grassfed beef VS. cooking conventional, factory beef. In fact, I can not even remember how I used to cook beef before grassfed came into my life. I have not tasted conventionally raised beef in over 3 years so I can not even recall what that tastes like either. The only thing I do know for sure is that grassfed beef is delicious, iddly diddly scrumptious, so yummy that almost everyone that buys it from my booth comes back the following Saturday wanting more.That all being said, Once I come up with the words to describe how very different the taste, the feel, the cooking methods etc.. are compared to conventional beef, I will fill you all in; However, I have a feeling that it can all be summed up in one way...Just Go Grassfed, Trust me! 

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