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What is the difference in a fall share vs a summer CSA share?

More and more farmers are finding ways to extend the "season". This means after a frost some plants that are normally killed by frost are not. How do they do this? They use high tunnels, floating row covers and green houses. These extra "warmers" allow for farmers who live in cooler zones to get an earlier start on growing and allow plants to survive longer.

Unfortunately these “warmers” only work to certain temperatures and not for all crops but there are enough crops that it can work well with that they can do a fall share. Some crops don’t mature till September or later as it is for example: winter squash, sweet potatoes, huckleberries, and pumpkins. Others like Chinese cabbage, Pok Choy , Fava beans and spinach do better when planted in the fall. At Heritage hills farm we find that even our summer squash do better planted in the fall (less bugs to battle).

So why not  invest in a fall share better local than where ever those veggies in the grocery store are coming from!


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