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A Horse, A Pig, An Armadillo And A Dog

God must have thought that I needed a laugh today. Here is my story of what happened on the farm today, I went out to start to feed, surprise, surprise a pig ran out from the wooded area and ran a circle around my feet and took off for the pig pen. Okay, so he found away out and now he wants in. On my way to the pig gate with the bucket and the pig now on my heels. I glance another orange streak in the horse lot, okay still not that much of a problem. So the pig following me and my bucket now pass the gate to go fetch the other little Hereford pig running a muck. Well the pigs still in the pen start screaming their disapproval. I get to the horse lot now both pigs are together running in circles. Enter the horses in from the pasture, after all I am carrying a bucket of feed. However, the pigs won't leave the lot, I can't just open the gate wide and stand back cause the horses will leave and run around the yard.I guess the one horse lost patience because she is now chasing the pig round in circles, both the pig and horse are in high gear. I am yelling at the horse, the pigs are all squealing at high decibels. The little boar makes a break for the gate, the gilt makes at least 3 more laps chased by the horse. I get the horses back out another gate and then head for the pig pen. I get the pig gate open and feed them the one boar gets in with the rest but the gilt had to stop to pee so now she is lost running past the gate at full tilt. Finally, I get every pig where they should be. I shut the gate, and something running in the grass just across the yard catches my attention. An Armadillo is chasing the Anatolian dog around in circles. Now an Armadillo is no threat for a 125 lb dog, so why is the dog running in circles from it? All of sudden she stops and the Armadillo turns and runs the other way in another circle with the dog now chasing it! All the running in circles left me laughing, it was an evening for animal exercise I suppose. The goats, sheep and cattle lining the fences to watch seemed to be even more amused than I was.
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Sounds straight out of "Charlotte's Web"!

Posted by Lyn on May 10, 2011 at 08:19 PM CDT #

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