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Goat In The Kitchen Sink

My day got started after breakfast, with a goat in the kitchen sink. We have snow right now, lots and lots of snow. Because we knew the bad weather was coming we made a large kidding area inside the big barn and locked all the girls inside.

Smart move because with the snow came kids. So how did one get in the kitchen sink you ask? He got an overdose of collostrum, which means lots of icky, sticky, yellow, poo! It stuck all over him and was rock hard, it has to come off or it can hurt him. Thus, thats how he ended up in the kitchen sink for a warm backside bath!  

Of course he did not approve one bit! But he is now clean, dry and ready to go back to mom. And of course the kitchen sink and surrounding area had to be dissenfected really well. We should buy stock in Clorox.

The things we do for goats around here!

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