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The Egg Basket

We a have lot of laying hens and it is my job to gather the eggs everyday. I have a little wicker basket that I put the eggs in as I gather them. Now, some days I will get as many as 3 dozen- but other days, especially in this heat, I may be lucky to get just a dozen.

Now, taking the time to count the eggs in the basket has taught me a wise lesson. My life is a lot like this basket of eggs. You see, God gives me gifts every day of my life but it is up to me what I do with them.

Sometimes, I take the eggs to a little store and sell them there. Othertimes I keep some to cook with, still other days I just put them in the icebox and forget them. However, a few days later I might take these same eggs back out of the icebox and cook a real nice meal, or find someone in need and give them a dozen. No matter,  which way I choose I am doing something with the eggs that I have been provided.

However, if I was lazy and didn’t gather the eggs or I just plain ignored the fact that the nest had eggs in them, it wouldn’t take long to have a real mess. To many eggs in a nest and chickens tend to break them, snakes and other scavenger are attracted to full nests and then other bad things happen because of that. Or the worst thing in this heat that would happen is I would have exploded, rotten egg everywhere and that is just plain nasty!

The gifts that God gives us are a lot like my basket eggs if I use them and share them that is the best thing that I can do. But if I leave them untouched they serve no purpose and in my ignorance what once was a good thing is no longer that way.

Let’s hope each of uses our eggs wisely, choosing the best ways possible to  make something good from them.


Chicken Tractors

Today we took advantage of the warm weather. We loaded up on lumber supplies and hauled them back for later work. We also started plans for the new chicken tractors. We plan to have seperate tractors for each breed, so that our new chicks will all be pure bred chickens.

If you don't know what a tractor is, a simple explanation is a portable pen that can be pulled around to different locations. This way the chickens still get free access to wild feed but are protected from predators. We have had a problem with the predators in our location lately and want a better system to protect our chickens.

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