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DEFINiTELY NOT Watermelon Jelly Beans!

DEFINITELY NOT Watermelon Jelly Beans. There is a commercial out for a new Easter Movie, it features a little rabbit that poops out candy jelly beans. A lady eats one and says ohh watermelon.

I have to disagree. When you prefer to grow organic like we do, you know the truth. That truth is what I spent all afternoon shoveling at the rabbit barn and hauling to the cabbage bed was nothing close to a jelly bean.

 It sure didn't smell like watermelons either. Straw and hay that falls from the cages mix well with what those rabbits do drop, but it ain't jelly beans. Now, it don't smell like watermelons but it sure can help grow watermelons! This stuff is gold when it comes to growing things. A little sweat and effort mixes it all in with soil and then there is no better fertilizer.

I think however, I will avoid jelly beans for awhile, it is just the image!


It is Cold Out There!

The weather is reminding us that it is January here on the ranch, my least favorite month of the year. Highs are in the 20's lows 11, needless to say the water is frozen and my hands, face and ears get cold fast. It is days like this I remind myself as I do chores, A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast.

At least it has not snowed here yet this year. Breaking ice on tanks is not that big of deal, but if you want a challenge then try to chip ice away in rabbit waters to refill the bottle, that takes effort!

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