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Creating Web Profiles

I've just finished creating my Linked In profile and realized, once again, how time consuming these profiles can be. At the same time, they can be important marketing tools so; what to do? I started my profile on Linked In about a year ago but never finished it. In fact, I never even authenticated my Email address: I think I checked out the profile page and its complications and lost heart. Well, today I tackled it and spent lots of time getting it just so. Since my personal profile is connected with our Farm, I know I must be careful. This is public information that some search tool or other is sure to connect to the Farm. Each thing I say in a profile should reflect well on our Farm or else, why create the profile at all. Recently there has been news coverage about Facebook and Twitter and how these social networking sites have made employees and employers uncomfortable because folks just weren't careful with their postings. Do you use these sites? Do you think they are good marketing tools? Or are they just fun places to hang out? Emma's Family Farm sold 2 turkeys and some produce through marketing efforts on Twitter this year: not much, but its a start. We just can't be too careful... Let us know about any experiences you've had in the social networking arena by commenting!
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