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Duck Manure

Manure is not much from one or two ducks, it will fertilize the lawn or place where they live.  But with a larger group of ducks, it does accumulate, then the best thing is to compost the manure in a pile, somewhere it can rot and break down over time, about one year, then it becomes beautiful rich soil for a veggie or flower garden.

I find that ducks and chickens are part of a sustainable environment.  In that their manure as it rots becomes home for lots of bugs and microbes.  And like most birds, ducks and chickens love to eat bugs. 

But, when ducks dabble in mud puddles they are getting more Omega-3 oils,  Vitamin E, other vitamins and nutrition then Chickens or other birds, because they are really searching out microbes to eat.  All of this is very healthy and gives them better nutrition that is normally missing in their feed or in a standard diet.  This is why free-ranging duck eggs are a good idea.  (Your taste buds will tell you that duck eggs are better.)

Hatching Your Duck Eggs !
Raising Your Ducklings !

Pedegreed KHAKI CAMPBELL Ducks !

SQ Muscovy and KHAKI CAMPBELL Duck Photos !

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